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Acting Brave Book Tour

Acting_Brave_Cover_1555x2332 Acting Brave by Helena Newbury
(Fenbrook Academy #3)
Publication date: January 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
 She’s spent her whole life acting. But is she good enough to make him believe she doesn’t love him?

Three years ago, a terrified girl named Emma fled a world of crime and abuse in Chicago and bought a one-way ticket to New York. She reinvented herself as an actress, enrolled at the prestigious Fenbrook Academy and buried her pain beneath a vivacious new persona. Her new name was Jasmine.

Now she has to pull off the performance of her career.
Landing her dream part in a police show, she finds herself falling for her co-star, Ryan, a real-life cop. If she lets him get too close, he’ll awaken memories she doesn’t want to face and uncover secrets that could endanger them both. But how can she keep a guy at arm’s length when she has to kiss him on camera?

The last place Ryan imagined himself was on a TV show. Blaming himself for the death of his partner, he’s on a downward spiral of rage and guilt. The show is his last chance…but how can he keep it professional when his co-star is a woman he’s crazy about?

As their on-screen and off-screen relationships merge, things go from hot to blistering. But when Jasmine’s old life catches up with her, will a cop be the one person she can’t be around…or the only person who can save her?

To check out the rest of the tour click here.

 Personal Thoughts:This was  a new author to me and I didn’t really know what to expect going in, except that the plot was a really good one and intrigued me. As I started to read, the plot really hooked me in and  I couldn’t put the book down. I loved how the author’s writing style displayed and showcased the protagonist and I was able to visualize the struggles that Jasmine was going through. She had grit, determination and an agenda to remake her life for the better.
She came from a dysfunctional family and she went away to New York to start a new life for herself as an actress. Her big break comes when she gets a chance to be on a police show. One thing that she isn’t expecting is to fall head over heals for the real life cop (Ryan) who is also playing the roll of a cop on the show.
Things start to look real good for Jasmine until the past finally catches up with her and she must decide which is more important, hiding her past or asking for help from Ryan. Is their relationship still to fragile or can it withstand the secrets?
The author does a great job showcasing the relationship between Ryan and Jasmine. They both have had a hard past and are trying to run away, but will there be a time that they can confide in each other and come together? Only time will tell. This was my first book that I have read by the author and I am so glad that there is a series. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series 🙂
Rating: 4/5
AUTHOR BIO:Helena_Author_Pic_400_wide
I’m a New Adult Romance author who loves writing about what happens when love and dreams collide with the real world. I wrote my first novel, Dance for Me, in daily chunks in a very busy, very noisy coffee shop, which meant I had to order a black Americano every hour, on the hour, to keep my seat and wound up wired on caffeine most days. I hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists in summer 2013. Unlike my characters, I can’t dance.
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Love Notes Boxed Set Promo Tour

Displaying revenge.jpg

“Love Notes”: Four Musical Romance Novels
Release date: February 2nd 2015
Purchases: Amazon
Pieces of Me by Kira Adams
For sixteen year old Peyton Lane, life has never been easy. She’s not popular, overweight, and oh yeah, her sister is embarrassed of her. But over the course of a tumultuous year, everything changes for Peyton. Suddenly all eyes are on her and it’s not because she’s fat. From a pair of handsome twins to a couple of dangerously sexy rockers, Peyton will have to find out who she can trust with her heart. From the ups and downs to the twists and turns — this is Peyton’s story of finding one’s voice and growing into your own.
This is a coming of age romance that involves realistic situations and raw emotions. This is Pieces of Me.
The Right Song by Shane Morgan
Pain never truly goes away, until you find something deeper and meaningful that cures the heart and fills it with love.
That is what Aurora desperately wants to believe. That somehow her music can save her, or even touch the unreachable heart of the guy she has liked for years.
Rora yearns for his attention and wants to experience this so-called love that could possibly end her long suffering and inspire her to chase after her dreams.
In deeply understanding the feelings of others and herself, will Aurora give up on ever finding true happiness, or will an intriguing soul teach her about the greatest song ever written?
Revenge of a Band Geek Gone Bad by Naomi Rabinowitz
Shy, overweight Melinda Rhodes’ sophomore year of high school isn’t going so well. Her own mother mocks her weight. Her pants split in the middle of school, earning her the nickname, “Moolinda.” She then loses first chair flute in band to Kathy Meadows, her pretty and popular nemesis.
Her luck changes when she catches the eye of Josh Kowalski, a rebellious trumpet prodigy and class clown. Josh has also been hurt by Kathy and asks Melinda to help take Kathy down. Mel figures that she has nothing to lose … and Josh is adorable with gorgeous blue eyes and a winning smile. She agrees to team up with him and looks forward to finally getting back at her rival.
At first, the pair’s pranks are silly, and as they work together, Mel comes out of her shell. Even better, she finds herself falling for Josh and it appears as if he might feel the same way about her.
However, their schemes become more and more dangerous and Mel is surprised to discover her dark side. Just how far will she go to get what she wants — and is Josh really worth the risk?
Straight from the Heart by Breigh Forstner
This is a story about a girl discovering and experiencing life for the first time.
Bryn Schaefler grew up rich. Her parents expected the best out of her, picked her boyfriend for her, and groomed her to be the next trophy wife fresh out of High School. But when they discover she wants to pursue music instead of following in her mothers footsteps, they wanted to hear nothing about it.
That was when Bryn left for good.
By chance, she auditioned for main stream rock band Everlasting. Never in a million years did she think she would make it.
Cale Pelton knew it was his fault for the band scrambling around to find a new guitarist. Once he saw Bryn audition, he knew he had to have her. Not just in the band, but in his mind, body and soul.
This is the first book in the Straight from the Heart series. Follow Cale and Bryn as she goes on her first tour, and discovers there’s so much more to her than she ever realized.
Check out the rest of the tour here.

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Dreamweavers Release Blitz


Title: Dreamweavers
Author: C.C. Ravanera
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: January 29, 2015
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

beautiful teen girl portrait with windy hair


Beautiful girl freezing outdoor, autumn, cold, blue

Anima thrives in a parallel world where she harvests human dreams, but she has a secret. She longs for something more. She wants to be a part of it all and not just a visitor in another body.

Something within her is changing, something she can’t explain… longer is she comfortable in her own skin.

When she suddenly discovers a way to have it all she soon finds out that nothing is as it seems. Everything she’s ever known is changing. One things for certain, she’s in over her head.

Thrust into a reality where she’s killing people, fighting for her very existence and meeting the angel of death. She soon finds out her entire existence has been a lie and she is the only one who can change it.

They call her the savior, but she’s just Anima, how can she save everyone when she is unsure if she can save herself?


Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

After creating a nice pleasant dream for one of my assigned humans for the night about walking a big yellow dog down the beach, whereas I was the dog, something peculiar happened. I was in the middle of harvesting a decent amount of Lumus when I heard a voice in my head.

“What are you doing?” I was asked.

Startled, I looked around and found the man in the dream looking at me curiously. I quickly assessed him and found his conscious mind was still asleep. I was faced with an alert subconscious — another new thing I had never encountered before — and one I didn’t know how to deal with.

“Oh, hi, ahh… I’m working?” Is this the next test?

We were in the middle of his brain activity, which had a faint purple hue to it. I felt calm and rested inside it, even though I’d been rushing all night, finishing our assignments. The energy was gently flowing into me and my human, Michael Red, was watching the process thoughtfully.

“Are you absorbing me?” he asked curiously.

Uh-oh. Was I? What was I supposed to say? I didn’t really know what happened to humans when they woke up after my visits. I’d always assumed our visits had been undetected, and humans had not been affected by them at all. Since we’d never stayed around to see dawn, nobody had ever seen a human wake up afterwards. Should I stop letting the energy soak into me? But what if this was a test?

I must have taken my time answering because Michael Red started speaking again. “I’ve read about beings like you,” he said, changing the topic. Either he wasn’t bothered with being absorbed or he was changing tactics.

I was beginning to think that perhaps I should leave, but what he’d said tweaked my curiosity. He’s read about us? “Oh, have you?”

He nodded in response. “You look exactly how I imagined you would look.”

He’d just hit my most sensitive spot. But how could he see me, the real me, that is?

I straightened up and regarded him more carefully. There wasn’t really anything that striking with the man. He was tall for a human and slender in build but not too thin. Humans would consider him handsome, I supposed, with his intelligent-looking green eyes. He had a strong nose and a nice smile, though his black hair made his complexion paler than it was.

“How do I look exactly?” I countered back.

Again that nice smile appeared. “Ethereal.”

I blinked at him stupidly. Ethereal. I’d never considered myself or anyone from the Realm as ethereal. Was there something wrong with his sight?


CC Ravanera

C.C. hailed from the Philippines but now lives in England with her husband and two young boys. She works as a full-time nurse and absolutely enjoys it. When she’s not working she spends the rest of her time running around the house with the boys and spending quality time with her husband. In her spare time (whew!) she writes her books and dreams of becoming a ‘proper author’.

She’s addicted to coffee and chocolates. She loves reading books and waking up to the sound of birds early in the morning.

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Wattpad | Blog | Dreamweavers Website

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Forever Now Blitz

Release Date: 11/29/14
Summary from Goodreads:
When Tess’s mother abandons her
during her senior year at high school, she must find a way to keep the secret
and survive until graduation. She’s surprised when Cruz, her crush and an
aspiring model, moves in to help. Tess has dreams of studying in Paris, France
and becoming a writer…impossible dreams without money or family. But as Tess
and Cruz’s relationship grows closer, Cruz will do anything to make sure Tess’s
dreams come true. But at what price?
Forever Now is the first book in the Forever YA / NA trilogy about finding
love, living dreams, and overcoming great odds.

Forever begins now.

Available from:

About the Author
Elise Sax worked
as a journalist for fifteen years, mostly in Paris, France. She took a detour
from journalism and became a private investigator before writing her first
novel. She lives in Southern California with her two sons.

She loves to hear from her readers. Don’t hesitate to contact her at, and sign up for her newsletter at to get notifications of new releases and sales.


I don’t know why I didn’t notice him before because he was the best looking boy I had ever seen.

Not really a boy. A man. Maybe nineteen, I figured. He had dark hair and eyes but light skin,

and he was tall and muscular. He was beautiful, like a model, shining under the lights.


He shook my mother’s hand, and the three of them walked on the tiled floor further into the

house without saying a word to me.


There. That’s the moment my life changed. No, I didn’t realize it, yet. I didn’t know that

anything special had happened. I certainly didn’t know that Cruz would save my life, and I

would save his—at least for a while. That we would love each other and our love would be


Author Links:

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Mysterious Miss Channing Release Day Blitz

Mysterious Miss Channing RDB Banner

Title: Mysterious Miss Channing
Author: Nadine Millard
Genre: Regency
Series: Ranford Series
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

mysterious miss channing




Charles Carrington, Earl of Ranford is the very epitome of a devilish rake and he has no desire to change it.

However, taking up the reigns of his family’s estate brings his grand plans of debauching the whole of London to an abrupt halt.

Charles can only imagine the boredom he will experience, living in rural Ireland and being disgustingly respectable.

Then along comes Julia.

Charles has no idea why, but his reaction to the mysterious Miss Julia Channing is more powerful than any attraction he’s ever experienced. And he’s experienced a lot.

She is his opposite in every way; good where he is bad, soft where he is hard and determined to be kind to everyone, which is definitely is not.

But Julia is not all she seems and as their attraction grows, so too does Charles’s certainty that all is not what it seems with the beautiful companion.

Will Charles be able to solve the mystery of Miss Channing? And in doing so, will he find the happily ever after he didn’t even know he wanted?


Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

miss channing meme 3



Julia continued down the steps, but, instead of heading to the kitchen, she turned instead toward the music room. If someone was waiting until the house was abed to play, she or he probably did not want an audience.

But Julia’s curiosity got the better of her. Whoever was playing was wonderfully talented. It was a melody she hadn’t heard before, simple yet intricate. It spoke of love, of longing, of loss, and it pulled at Julia’s heartstrings in a way that she could not explain.

Inching closer, Julia reached out a hand and pushed the only partly opened door even wider. She should have known. Everything about him called out to her very soul. Why should his playing be any different?

Julia watched fascinated as Charles’s deft fingers skimmed gently over the keys, and, to her shame, she imagined those same fingers and their magical touch on her flesh. Her heart beat faster, and her throat suddenly dried up. The music, the silence, the darkness that lent itself to secrets and hidden desires — they all served to make it seem as though her fantasy had come to life. She and Charles alone.

Julia had not thought that she had made a sound, but she must have for in the next instance, he spoke.

“Come closer if you wish. I do not bite.” He paused then continued, a smile in his voice. “Not unless you ask.”

He should not say such things. And not for any proper reason. But because she wasn’t sure she could remember to breathe when he did.

“You knew it was me?” she asked softly, as though speaking above a whisper would somehow shatter the air around them.

“Of course,” he responded, still playing, still looking at the keys.

“You have supernatural powers?” she quipped, though her throat remained as dry as a desert.

He laughed softly.

“Only when it comes to you.”

Julia’s heart went from galloping to stopping in an instant.

ranford series

An Unlikely Duchess

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

Seeking Scandal

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

Author Bio


Hey everyone!

I’m Nadine, a writer from County Laois in Ireland.

My debut novel, a Regency Romance called An Unlikely Duchess debuted in March 2014, with Book Two, Seeking Scandal, debuting July 2014. There is a final book in the series, Mysterious Miss Channing releasing in January 2015.

I’m also part of a box set, Forbidden, Regency Romance which contains my novella, A Winter Wish.

My brain is constantly full of stories and characters so don’t be surprised if I come out with something completely different after that…though I have to say, my heart belongs to Regency!

When I’m not writing I can be found scurrying around after my three children. Or perhaps my dog. I don’t scurry after my husband, that’s generally the other way around! 😉

I hate housework so only kind of pretend to do it! Love reading (or research as I like to call it).

I have a brilliant family and wonderful friends who are ever patient and supportive of me.

I’m sometimes asked where my inspiration comes from. I guess it’s from everywhere! I love my gorgeous husband to distraction so that helps! I think I also put a little bit of people I know into my characters…shhhh 😉

Have an ever so mild obsession with Jane Austen and have properly researched time machines in case there’s one who could take me back to 1800s. I know. I need help. My brain might be odd but it’s a pretty fun place to be at times!

My writing really took off when my three year old started preschool. So now, while my seven, five and three year old children are being taken care of by teachers, my characters are being taken care of by me!

To be fair though, I can quite regularly be found at 2am glued to the laptop when I get an idea!

Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Website | Goodreads

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How (Not) to Fall In Love Cover Reveal

How To (Not) Fall In Love
Release Date: 02/03/15
Entangled Teen
Summary from Goodreads:

Finding true love on the other
side of the tracks was never so much fun in this heartfelt and hilarious
contemporary novel.

Seventeen-year-old Darcy Covington doesn’t know the difference between a pawn
shop and a thrift shop. Even her dog eats gourmet food, so she’s totally
unprepared when her car is repossessed from the parking lot of her elite
private school. Turns out her father, a semi-famous motivational speaker, has
skipped town, abandoning his family while his business collapses. Even David
Letterman comes up with ten reasons why her father won’t ever return home.

Desperate to sell her expensive jewelry for much-needed cash, Darcy discovers
that her dad’s brother runs a funky thrift shop on a street full of eccentric
characters, including a coffee shop owner named Liz and one supremely hot
fix-it guy named Lucas.

Darcy finds some solace hanging out with her uncle and Lucas in the thrift shop
and working in Liz’s coffee shop, while the rest of her life falls apart. The
time she spends with the uber hot Lucas helps takes her mind off her family’s
troubles, even though she’s sure he’s only nice to her because he works for her
uncle, especially when she meets the cover girl beauty she thinks he’s dating.

Can Darcy find the courage she needs to adapt to the necessary changes brought
about by her family’s drastically reduced lifestyle? And will she open her eyes
to the amazing realization that Lucas wants much more than friendship from her?

About the Author

Lisa Brown Roberts still hasn’t recovered from the
teenage trauma of nearly tweezing off both eyebrows and having to pencil them
in for an entire school year. This and other angst-filled memories inspire her
to write YA books about navigating life’s painful and funny dramas, and falling
in love along the way.

Her almost forever home is Colorado, though she occasionally pines for the days
when she lived within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean. Her house is full
of books, boys, several four-legged prima donnas, and lots of laughter.


Author Links:
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