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Christmas on 4th Street Book Review

Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery

Publication Date: September 24, 2013

Publisher: Harlequin HQN

Source: Net Galley

Synopsis: There’s nowhere better to spend the holidays than with New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery in the town of Fool’s Gold, where love is always waiting to be unwrapped… Noelle Perkins just got a second chance at life, and she intends to make the most of every minute. That’s why she ditched a frustrating legal career to open her own store in Fool’s Gold, California. The Christmas Attic celebrates everything that’s magical about her favorite season. Business is booming, and as a bonus, gorgeous army doctor Gabriel Boylan has offered to help out during the holiday rush.

Gabriel’s memories of Christmas past contain more sour grapes than sugar plums, thanks to a drill sergeant father who ran his home like a boot camp. Spending the holidays with his family while he recuperates from injury sounds as appetizing as last year’s eggnog. Still, there are some enjoyable distractions in town, including sunny, sexy Noelle…and the red-hot mistletoe kisses they can’t stop sharing.

Gabriel didn’t think he was made for happily-ever-afters. But when fate hands you a love as sweet and surprising as this, only a fool could refuse..

Personal Thoughts:  Christmas on 4th Street brings us back to the town of Fools’ Gold and its quirky towns people. They will welcome you with open arms, but watch out because if you hurt someone they care about, they will come after you. Fool’s Gold tends to take care of its own.

That brings us to Noelle and Gabriel. She owns the everything to do with Christmas store called The Christmas Attic. She’s heard of Gabriel because he is Gideon’s brother but he hasn’t been around much. From the start there is something that is different about Gabriel. He has a tough shell but there is a tenderness within that is asking to be let out. Before we know it, he has been hired to work with Noelle and they strike as an interesting pair. As the story progresses and we get to know Gabriel’s side of the family, we learn that things weren’t always too peachy and life was more about duty than love.

Will Noelle’s joyful spirit change Gabriel’s outlook on life or is it too late for the burnout doctor? Only time will tell. Join us and the rest of the Fool’s Gold crowd as they watch an unlikely romance unfold.

Overall the story is a quick read and full of romance and comedy.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Hour Glass Book Tour

Hourglass 3 BT Banner

Title: Hourglass Cubed
Author: K.S. Smith & Megan C. Smith
Series: Hourglass
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

Man holds leg of female in red dress and high-heeled shoes


Love him, or loathe him — there is no denying that Lucas Wellington is eye candy at its finest.

Lucas Wellington has tried relationships, tried so hard he dated two girls at one time and paid the cost dearly when they caught him red-handed. Now Luke is back to his bachelor ways and enjoying all it has to offer, that is, until he literally gets ran over by one woman who won’t give him the time of day. Determined to get this new challenge beneath him in bed, Luke pulls out all the stops until he is successful. But when Luke realizes that Julianna’s hold on him is just as strong he panics.

Julianna Grimaldi is the physical therapist for the Denver Broncos and has heard all about the one and only Luke Wellington. Having witnessed his destruction first hand, she is immune to all of his charm and charisma, or at least that’s what she thinks. Trying with all her might to spare her heart she resists Luke at every turn, but eventually he tears down her walls and makes her see that there may be more to the Denver Playboy than meets the eye.

The question remains though, will Luke fall back on old habits and break Julianna’s heart or will he finally meet his match and find love.



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hourglass 3 Teaser #1


“So, what’s the deal with you and Juli?” He asked with a critical eye.

Instinctively, I took a step back. I’d already been hit once in Julianna’s honor, and I wasn’t in the mood for another punch. “Um, we are more like friends, I guess?” I could hear the shake in my voice as I responded. Suddenly, getting lost in Maryland seemed like a fine idea.

“Look, I know your type. You are all good-looking-Rico-Suave, and you take nice girls like Juli for a ride and break their heart. Now don’t get me wrong, she is tough, but she is still your normal woman who is hoping to save the bad boy.”

“I’m the bad boy.” I said it more like a statement of agreement than questioning his judgment. We’d already proven that, I thought, as memories of her body bending at my will and her soft cries and moans ringing in my ears as she clenched the bed sheets flooded my mind.

“It’s too late, isn’t it?” he asked, his body tensing up as he stared into my eyes.

“Um, well, you see, what had happened was—”

You know, it doesn’t matter if you expect it to come. When someone cocks his arm back and brings it hurtling toward your face, there isn’t much chance of avoiding it. Chris was a lefty, and damn, did he pack a punch.


hourglass 3 Teaser #2






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K.S. Smith

K.S. Smith is an aspiring new contemporary romance author. When she is not writing you will most likely find her tanning on the beautiful Florida beaches, spending time with her family and friends or dedicating her time to the military through her favorite non-profit organization.

K.S. Smith was born and raised in Tampa, FL and continues to build her life there in her new home with her boyfriend of ten years who will hopefully one day put all book boyfriends to shame with an out of this world proposal.

Megan C. Smith

Megan Smith was born and raised in beautiful Tampa, Florida where she spent her days falling in love with fictional characters from a very young age.

After marrying her best friend she relocated to North Carolina to support her husband’s career as a U.S. Marine. During her time in North Carolina Megan was blessed with 3 beautiful children who have kept her constantly busy chasing after them and enjoying the daily routine of motherhood.

Most recently Megan and her family have relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida where she has spent the past few months achieving her lifelong dream of publishing her very first novel; as well as continuing to submerge herself in some of her favorite books while appreciating a glass of wine and her favorite, salted pretzel Milanos.


hourglass 3 Teaser #3
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Blood Bonds Blitz

Blood Bonds RDB Banner

Title: Blood Bonds: Ethriel
Author: Joe Walker
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing
Release Date: February 24

blood bonds


Storm clouds gather over the land of Ethriel.

The Dark Lord, Akvandar, has defeated the once mighty Kingdom of Sol and now turns his attention upon the men of the west; a weak and fractured people struggling desperately to repel the advances of the armies spewing forth from the dreaded Spire.

Meanwhile, in the cold north, there is trouble afoot. Goblins march from the Mountain of Iron, ravaging the lands between the Range and the Impassable Peaks; a once peaceful region where the stench of betrayal is pungent and corruption is rife.

Humankind teeters on the edge of existence and the forces of good have only one choice. They must forget past grievances and fight against the evil that plagues their land in a war that will be decided by the sword and the shield.

From the deepest depths to the highest peaks, Blood Bonds will take you on a whirlwind adventure following four unlikely companions who must bind themselves in friendship, overcoming battles, betrayals and grief as they strive to bring the nations of the realm together.

6881a-add-to-goodreads-button31Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

blood bonds meme 1


Another tiresome hour of jogging and walking passed by, and gradually shoots of grass began to sprout up from the hard earth. The air grew slightly cleaner, and, at one point, there was even a lone tree that stood no bigger than a man. That brought a smile to Van’s face, for he had never seen a tree before; at least he couldn’t remember having done so. Then, as though out of nowhere, an endless expanse of twisted dark trees appeared, creaking and swaying in the wind.

The Old Forest, thought Van, his pace quickening.

The night was dark, and the colours of the forest were obscure, but Van could imagine rich greens, earthly browns, golden yellows, and crisp oranges, a whole array of colours to con- tradict the black and grey of the land surrounding the Spire.

Tuttos had stopped a few metres ahead and appeared to be listening to something. “What is it?” asked Van, coming to a standstill beside his friend.

All Van could hear was the trees and the gentle voice of the wind, nothing more. “ROOOOAAAARRRRRRR!”
Before he knew what was happening, Tuttos had shoved him to the ground, and the huge form of the Dragon Queen landed where they had been only moments before. Van rolled over to face the beast, shuddering as her fiery red eyes found his.

Going somewhere? she inquired, her mouth never moving, for she had spoken in his head.

Slaves who had actually seen the queen said that her skin was so dark they thought they would be consumed by the blackness, but in the pale moonlight she shone a purplish-red.

“Stay back!” Tuttos placed himself between Van and the creature, an orc sword in his hand, ready to attack.

A strange, earth-rumbling, guttural sound began to resonate from the Queen of the Skies, and, to his horror, Van realised she was laughing. She took one big step towards them, readying herself for the kill, and it was at that moment that an arrow flew from the trees and hit her in the fleshy joint between her solid shoulder and her wing, forcing her back in painful disbelief.

“Run, Van!” Tuttos cried, seizing the opportunity.

Van didn’t need telling twice. He surprised himself with how quickly he sprang up and limped towards the nearby forest despite the blisters on his feet and the objections of his mus- cles. Just a short distance lay between the two men and the trees, but a dragon wasn’t so easily swayed, and, now that they had a mysterious ally in the trees, she kept her distance, deciding in- stead to open her great jaws and release a hellish ball of swirling fire.

Van glanced over his shoulder and screamed, “Down!” They both dived to the ground, the soft grass cushioning their fall. The billowing ball of fire whooshed over their heads, missing them by mere inches, singeing a few hairs on Tuttos’ head before zooming onward and exploding somewhere deep within the trees ahead.

The Winged Queen resumed her pursuit whilst Van and Tuttos clambered to their feet and pressed on, desperately trying to reach the sanctity of the forest that was now so close they could almost touch it; so close that Van could smell the scent of wet grass and autumn leaves.

So close.

Something hit his legs and sent him flying to the ground for the third time that night.

So very close. He rolled onto his back and saw the dragon’s head looming over him. Her breath was hotter than the furnaces of the Spire.

Now you die. Her jaws opened to reveal the beginnings of red flame.

Author Bio

Joe Walker

Joe Louis Walker was born in West Yorkshire, UK and it was here that he discovered a love for the genres of fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi and horror. The nerd that he was, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Forgotten Realms, Halo, Resident Evil, Harry Potter, anything and everything related to ancient Rome, medieval times and ancient Greece took over his childhood. It wasn’t until later that he went on to discover and be mesmerised by the works of David Gemmell, Conn Iggulden, Eric Nylund, Bernard Cornwell, George R. R. Martin, R. A. Salvatore and, eventually, a love for writing.

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Spark Cover Reveal

Spark CR Banner

Title: Spark
Author: Erin Noelle
Genre: Mature New Adult
Release Date: April 20



Photographer: Toski Covey Photography
Model: Tanner Belcher
Cover Design: Hang Le


I’m failing.

My younger brother is getting worse, and my job – my duty – is to help him at all costs. We’ve tried everything modern medicine has to offer and nothing works.


Deciding to turn to unconventional treatments, we end up at Fire-on-the-Mountain, a holistic resort deep in the Rockies.

In our search for medical marijuana, I find beautiful, free-spirited Hudson Shavell – a girl who may not only hold the key to heal my brother, but to fix me as well. Even though I can’t afford distractions right now, she’s all I can think about. All that I want.

It’s funny how everything can change with one little SPARK.


Spark Teaser #1

author bio

erin noelle

Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. While earning her degree in History at the University of Houston, she rediscovered her love for reading that was first instilled by her grandmother when she was a young child. A lover of happily-ever-afters, both historical and current, Erin is an avid reader of all romance novels. In 2013, she published the Book Boyfriend Series, which included books Metamorphosis, Ambrosia, Euphoria, and Timeless, and recently published When the Sun Goes Down, a contemporary romance novel. Her books have been a part of the USA Today Bestselling list and the Amazon and Barnes & Noble overall Top 100.

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Book Blogger Organization Challenge: January
I’m a bit late in posting but better late than never. That is the whole point of this challenge.. to get better with time. 🙂
I’m hoping by the end of the challenge I am nice and organized.
1.  Planning 2015 challenges
a.  Research which 2015 challenges you’d like to take part in.  This one was easy. I have done a few in the past but have yet to complete one 100%. I am doing 5 challenges this year. 🙂
b.  Pick a few specific books to read each month.    
March – Wild and Meant To Be
July –Wired and Siren’s Call
August – More and Here Lies Bridget
September – After The End
October – Shelter Me
November – Love, Lucy
December – I Was Here
c.  Schedule challenge intro posts! DONE
2.  Picking 2015 resolutions
a.  Think about what you want to do with your blog in the year to come. (Or even the next few months) Do you have a “big picture”? Anything specific you’ve been meaning to do? (Add a new feature? Finally switch to self-hosted? Add a co-blogger? Try new genres?)  I want to become more involved with the community of amazing bloggers that are out there. and to stay focused on reading and reviewing books I have on my long TBR list.  
b.  Make a list and pin it up somewhere you’ll see pretty often (fridge, office, wall, etc) so it won’t fall by the wayside.  DONE
c.  Make a Goodreads shelf! Have some books you know you want to read in 2015? Make a list on Goodreads (or a physical list) with new or older reads that you want to read this year.  Yep it’s on Goodreads. 
d.  Schedule resolution post!  Still need to get this in writing and post it.
3.  Find a buddy!
a.  Work better with motivation? Find a blog maintenance buddy & work on things at the same time!  Once I start I am actually pretty good 🙂 
b.  Need someone to help you through some reads? Been meaning to read some big books but are intimidated by them? Grab a friend to do an informal read along! Nope don’t have that problem. If it is tough, I’ll pick it up, however, it will just take more effect and a bit longer to read.
4.  Make plans to read and write!
a.  Not everyone does well planning ahead or writing things down with a specific schedule… but if you’re one of those people (or want to try) now’s the time to look for a nice planner. DONE. I have it in my calendar and I created an excel file with dates and titles of posts. 
b.  Are you someone like me who has a limited amount of time to read or write? Try to pick a day/time to work on blog things or to read. Make a plan so your parents/sig other/friends will know you’re busy and you can schedule around it.  I would have to say any time I get I will blog a bit here and there. It is hard to pin point a particular time and date. Some days I can read the whole day while others I have no time or am just too tired. It all depends on my day and how I feel. 🙂

Blogger Love-A-Thon- One Can Only Quote

For this mini-challenge, we’re sharing one or more of our favorite quotes about friendship or love. One book that stood out for me was Catching Jordan  by Miranda Kenneally.

Catching Jordan (Hundred Oaks)

“When unrequited love is the most expensive thing on the menu, sometimes you settle for the daily special.”

“Love hurts worse than getting slammed by a 250-pound linebacker.”

“Sometimes friendship is just that, just being with someone.”

I loved the book and the whole series in fact. So many good quotes and a great story line 🙂 If it’s one thing that makes a book memorable, it is the quotes and the characters. It makes a book special and it makes you want to read more and sometimes even re-read a book because of how awesome it was the first time 🙂