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Nothing Ventured Release Blitz

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Title: Nothing Ventured

Author: Kristen Luciani

Series: The Venture Series

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Blue Tulip 


Mia Bradshaw realized long ago that falling in love is a harbinger of pain. As a single mom working for

one of the most prestigious venture capital firms in the country, she doesn’t have time for serious

emotional entanglements. Her sort-of–friend boy is dependable, respectful and…okay, fine, maybe a

little lukewarm but whatever! Who ever said there was anything wrong with being…vanilla? It’s safe,

low-risk and not fraught with conflict and heart wrenching disappointment.

Chris Camden is one of the most eligible bachelors in northern California. A successful entrepreneur with

a hot car and a panty-dropping grin doesn’t need to do much to keep his bed warm at night. His

smoldering hazel-eyed gaze makes women melt at his feet. No strings, no conditions, no questions – just

the way he likes it. Why should he settle for just one when there are so many sizzling alternatives

begging for a spin?

A coveted opportunity to partner with Chris’s company stirs up emotions that threaten everything Mia’s

been so careful to protect and control. The guy with more lines than a crowded supermarket before a

snowstorm can singe her insides with the slightest accidental touch, proof that she needs to steer clear.

But reality hurls a very unexpected curve ball that can change Mia’s life in a heartbeat. And

sometimes…the perception of safety is relative.

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Never Ventured Teaser #1


Mia shifted her weight, noticing that, even in her highest heels, Chris was still a few inches taller. Her

fingertips itched to trace his chiseled jaw. What would it feel like to kiss those lips? If she tilted her chin

the slightest bit— No! Thinking like that would only lead to trouble. The objective was to keep her

distance. Yes, that was exactly what she had to do. Forget kissing him. Ignore that hypnotic stare and

what it was doing to the hidden parts of her body. “Um, I guess I should probably find Alex.”

“So you guys are dating.”

“Oh… um, yes.”

“And you’re his plus one.”

Mia swallowed hard. “Yes.” What more could she say? That she’d purposely left out that tiny detail

because she’d been desperate to see him again? Was he angry? Would he—

“Can I get you another drink?”

He wanted her to stay! It was impossible to stop the smile from spreading across her lips. “Thanks, but

I’m good. I usually limit it to one when I drive. I’m way too paranoid.”

“That’s very responsible.”

“Well, I have more to consider now, you know?” Her voice grew soft, the words hanging between them.

It was something he couldn’t possibly understand, no matter how much she wanted to make it so.


The intensity of his stare was mesmerizing, his nearness making her stomach flip around as if she was

sixteen again.

“Chloe seems like a great kid. She’s lucky to have you.”

“Thanks, I feel the same way about her.”

“Come on, let me get you something… water, soda?”

“Diet Coke would be great.” Mia glanced over to where she’d left Alex. An empty glass sat on the bar,

but he was gone. She bit her lip. If he came back and saw her standing this close to Chris… It looked bad,

so incredibly bad but she was willing to take the risk if she could spend even just one more moment

under his hypnotic spell.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but were you married to Chloe’s dad?”

Mia shook her head, a sad smile on her face. “No, I wasn’t.”

“What happened? Wait, is it okay to ask? If you don’t want to talk about it, I understand. You can just

tell me how you’re going to transform LazerShark into an international conglomerate instead.”

“It’s fine, really. He died before Chloe was born. We were engaged, and the night before we were going

to fly out here to tell our parents, he died in a car accident. Chloe never got to meet him.”

Chris’s eyes widened. “Jesus, I’m so sorry. Now I feel like a complete ass for asking.”

“I guess now we’re even.” She sipped her soda and smiled. “It was horrible, but it was a long time ago.

After he died, I left New York and moved back here. I was so young, barely out of college, trying to start

a career. My parents live close by, and they’ve been fantastic all these years. I think it’s the only reason I

still have my sanity.”

“Wow. I can’t imagine how hard it’s been for you. How do you manage everything?”

“I try not to think about it. I adore Chloe, but it is ridiculous trying to balance everything. Thank God I

have so much help.”

“How does Chloe handle it?”

“She’s got a grandfather and an uncle who are crazy about her. They’ve taken on the male role in her

life. But it’s not the same as having your own dad, you know?”

Chris leaned against the bar. “Yeah. My brother-in-law died about a year ago, and my sister is on her

own with my nieces. I’m really close with them, and I hang out there as much as possible. I could never

fill the void, but I hope at least being there helps.”

Mia’s heart ached as Chris spoke about his family. His words were laced with so much pain. “I’m so sorry

to hear that. Your poor family…”

He stared into his glass and swirled the ice around. “It was really bad. My sister was a mess and the

girls…they’re too young to be going through this. It’s been a crappy year for all of us.”

Instinctively, she laid a comforting hand on his arm, feeling his muscles ripple under the fabric. He slowly

raised his head, unmistakable longing reflected in his gaze. “Chris, I—“

“There you are!”

Mia jumped, guiltily yanking back her hand. Oh sweet Jesus, what just happened? She fiddled with her

necklace, eyes darting around the room, anything to keep from staring. It was an act of sympathy,

nothing else.

Blondie sauntered over to Chris, her blue eyes slightly narrowed as she regarded Mia. With an artificial

smile plastered on her heavily made-up face, she snaked an arm through his. “I’m Lexi.”

Charming. Was she going to pee on him next?

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The Venture Series

Unlikely Venture

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About the author


Kristen Luciani is a self-proclaimed momtrepreneur with a penchant for Christian Louboutins, Silicon

Valley, plunging necklines and grapefruit martinis.  As a deep-rooted romantic who prefers juicy drama

to fill the lives of anyone other than her, she tried her hand at creating a world of enchantment,

sensuality, and intrigue, finally uncovering her true passion. No pun intended…

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Enough Time Cover Reveal

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Enough Time Cover

Title: Enough Time: Truth.Redemption.Trust

Author: Alexis Riddley

: Dark Erotic Thriller

Alexis’s Muse: @MarshallArkley

Cover Designer: @TiffanyHuegele

Release Date: October 13, 2015

#EnoughTime #AlexisRiddley #Readinginsarahscorner


ET Synopsis pic


I was raw, exposed like a nerve with no protection from the present, nor the horror of my past.   Winston West was a man I no longer knew. He was an illusion, an enigma of a life that I once led. So how was I alive?  Oxygen was inhaled, life sustained, but I was dead inside. Such a cliche.

To the outside world I was strong, confident, determined. But when you got close, and really looked at the man in front of you, that’s when the ugly showed itself.  The demons of my past played over and over in my head.  I saw the world through jaded eyes.

Life with Charlie was bright, vibrant. Moments and memories existed in technicolor. That was gone. An epic sequence of events which ended in a collision of fantasy and reality. I couldn’t even say her name; that was too real, too painful. I had made her a vow, a promise and I was struggling to keep it. No more lies, no more secrets.

I thought the sins of the past were buried deep. That they would never resurface. I was dead wrong. One phone call, one insignificant event in a life so off course, begins to shatter what sanity I had left.

I was prepared to give up. Chalk my life up to a mistake of biblical proportions when she appears.  I didn’t want to like her, let alone need her. Funny thing is, I wasn’t the only one harboring secrets. Could I become the person I needed to be, that she deserved? Was I even worthy of redemption?

What she offered to me was something I never thought I deserved.



Alexis Riddley spends her day’s knee deep in the grind of corporate America, but her love of reading is what pushed her to put pen to paper. Bringing to life the stories that once existed only in her head.   Alexis loves the outdoors, adventures, and music. Oftentimes music is the catalyst or the trigger for memories, and emotions that she uses in her writing. Alexis rarely watches television, but is a total comic book freak, superheroes, the whole lot of them. She is obsessed. Alexis is willing to try anything, at least once, as long as it keeps the soul free and the mind open. She is a kid at heart who refuses to let age define her and limitations contain her. Alexis is a romantic, with a twisted mind and sexy imagination. She still believes that happy endings exist, just that sometimes they do not come in the pretty packaging you may have expected.




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