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Pre-Release Aideen Release Blitz

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Title: Aideen
Series: Slater Brothers (#3.5)
Author: L.A. Casey
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Releasing: November 3rd

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Aideen Collins is fed up. She is at her wits’ end with her eon long pregnancy, her new-found paranoia, but mostly she is fed up with her boyfriend’s constant hovering and nit-picking.

Kane Slater is happier than ever. He is about to become a father for the first time with the woman he loves. Little does he know that Aideen is both literally and figuratively a ticking time bomb. He just has to survive a few more weeks of murderous hormonal outbursts, and all will be well… or so he hopes.

They’re both caught up with the expected arrival of their little one, but in the back of their minds is a shadow that won’t fade away. Neither of them talk about it, but the shadow’s lingering presence casts doubt over their relationship.

Big Phil worked his way into their minds many weeks ago and rooted himself as the haunting figure. Without even trying, he ruins things and causes problems. He watches them from afar, hoping he can break their family.

Aideen’s instincts to protect her own are stronger than ever. If Big Phil wants to hurt those dearest to her, he is going to have one hell of a fight on his hands.

Aideen worships Kane, and what Aideen worships, Aideen shelters.



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“Alec,” I murmured.

He glanced down at me. “Hmm?”

“Do you still think Matt Bomer is hot?”

He snorted. “Yeah, why?”

I shrugged. “I thought Keela might block out all the good looking dick holders of the world.”

Alec burst out into laughter, and even Kane – who was close to us – laughed.

“I’m not blind, darling, just too in love to notice anyone else.”

My heart melted.

“You’re strictly a female worshipper now?”

“I’m strictly a Keela worshipper now.”

I smiled. “When did you know you were bi?”

“I’ve always known.”


He nodded.

“I was never straight and I was never gay, I have always been bi-sexual. I just happened to have slept with more men than woman. I mean, it’s not like I flipped a switch and decided its dick o’clock for the next six hours then it’s pussy time. I liked who I liked, regardless of gender.”

Alec’s brothers laughed, but I was too into the conversation to crack a smile.

“And now?” I questioned.

“And now I don’t see anyone but Keela. No man, no woman, just her.”

I beamed. “That’s so sweet.”

Kane chortled. “Alec isn’t sweet.”

“I beg to differ,” I shot back. “He is very sweet.”

Alec pounded his closed fist against his chest. “Don’t hate, bro, embrace that your girl thinks I’m so… sweet.”

Kane tried to get up so he could hit Alec, but I held Kane in place with my legs and sprawled over the sweet human as I stopped the impending fight.

“Leave him be!” I shouted.

“He is referring to something sexual!”

I rolled my eyes. “How do you know that?”

“Because he is my brother and I know him.”

I leaned my head back and looked up to Alec. “Are you tryin’ to piss him off?”

Alec shrugged, a knowing grin playing on his lips. “I’m bored, baiting him amuses me.”


Slater Brothers Series

Slater Bro Series


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About The Author

LA Casey

L.A. Casey is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who juggles her time with her mini-me and writing. She was born, raised and currently resides in Dublin, Ireland. She enjoys chatting with her readers, who love her humor and Irish accent as much as her books.

Casey’s first book Dominic, was independently published in 2014 and became an instant success on Amazon. Now a hybrid author, she is both traditionally and independently published and is represented by Mark Gottlieb from Trident Media Group.

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Secret Dreams Release Blitz

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Title: Secret Dreams
Author: C. Mercedes Wilson
Genre: Mystery, Romance
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

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Julia Metcalf’s chilling dream foretells the kidnapping of her wealthy best friend, Mae Arbeson. Mae’s stepson Seth watches the police investigate in guarded silence.

Detective Tony Lange is assigned the case. He finds Julia irresistible. Against protocol, he asks her on a date, during which he gets the news he knows will break her heart.

Will Seth gain control of his trust and inherit millions of motives for murder? The loan sharks to whom he owes money believe Julia will secure their payoff, and they will stop at nothing to get it.


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She rounded the back of the van parked next to her SUV and pushed the remote to unlock it, but didn’t hear the familiar click. She stopped between the trucks and extended her arm and pushed the button again.

The remote fell to the ground as massive arms grabbed her from behind. A hand with a cloth in it covered her face. It smelled like some sort of chemical. Her head spun. She held her breath and stomped on the big man’s foot.

“Try that again,” he said, tightening his grip on her.

An involuntary squeal escaped her lips as the necessity to breathe won out over her will. The wooziness intensified. Darkness clouded her vision. She tried to shake her head but his grip was too tight. The elbow Julia tried to swing into his torso barely moved from her side.

About the author

C Mercedes Wilson

Mercedes Wilson is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. She is a member of The Writing and Publishing Group, and Crimescenewriters. Her fascination with writing began early, with a regular column in her junior high school paper, “The Arrow.” More recently, she was the winner of the North Hennepin Community College Short Story Contest, 2013.

She has a large closely knit family who frequently inspire her work.

Ms. Wilson and her husband live in Fridley, Minnesota with two dogs and a pair of cats who allow them to stay (so far).

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Still Water Release Blitz

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Title: Still Water
Author: A.M. Johnson
Series: Forever Still
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

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After being rejected by his childhood best friend, Todd Dixon turns his back on love and all its false promises. Three years later, he’s living in a new city, making a name for himself with his bar, record label, and one night stands.

Lily Spring knows nothing but the music that flows through her veins, but after one night of betrayal that ended in tragedy, her entire life falls from under her right along with her musical dreams. Now, she finds herself living in a new state with a sister she barely knows and a dream that she MUST fulfill.

He’s everything she doesn’t need.
Stubborn as hell, sexy as sin, with a reputation as wicked as his body. To make things worse, he’s her new boss and the ticket to what she’s always wanted.
When two fates collide and passions burn high, will the fire die or will it simmer into a slow burn becoming much more than either of them thought possible
This isn’t just a love story.
This is a story of hope, repentance and second chances.
Are you ready?

**Still Water is an Interconnected Standalone in the Forever Still Series. Each book features a different couple.**


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portrait of young caucasian couple


“Come dance with me.” His breath was peppermint again, and, as he closed the distance behind us and trailed his hands down my arms, I realized I was strangling the dishrag. He moved his fingertips into the water and lightly back up my hands before removing the towel from my death grip. I exhaled, effectively breaking the spell I was under.

“Come on, Lily. I don’t bite.” I felt his torso move as he laughed. I was being stupid. Jace and Tiffany were totally in the moment and having fun. Why the hell not?

“Show me what you got,” I said as I turned to face him, becoming completely caged between his arms and making an extra effort to stand tall. I was so tiny compared to him. He had to be at least six feet tall. I was just barely five-foot-three. It was intimidating, but I refused to show it.

Todd’s pupils dilated, the close proximity was affecting him too. I gained confidence from that. “I thought we were dancing?” “Lead the way.” He smirked.

Couple under water drop. Valentine day.


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Forever Still


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Author Bio

Amanda Marie Johnson was born and raised in Valrico, Florida. She’s now surrounded by mountains with her husband and three children in Ogden, Utah. She attended Weber State University and graduated with her A.S.N. She is a full-time registered nurse. Reading and writing have always been something she is passionate about. She loves to write about the human experience, love and happily ever afters.

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Ward Against Destruction Release Blitz

Ward Against Destruction (Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer, #4)
Release Date: 10/05/15
Entangled Teen
Summary from Goodreads:
Ward de’Ath used to the think that nothing could be more terrible than death. Now he realizes
there are worse things. Like his never-ending hunger for blood. Even if he conquers the
unbearable cravings that drive him headlong toward destruction,he’s a wanted man with a bleak
Assassin Celia Carlyle learns she is the only one who can protect Ward from disaster. She loves him–she wants to help him, but no one can tell her how to save him from himself. And the confusing voices in her head scream to let him go.
But Ward’s dark trials keep mounting. A malevolent evil is rising in the land, threatening to
unleash horror upon the world. The only way Ward can defeat it, and have the chance to marry
Celia, is by accepting his fate and becoming the one thing he swore he would never become..


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