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Leave a Mark Release Blitz

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Title: Leave a Mark
Author: Stephanie Fournet
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00050]She’s pierced, and dyed, and covered in tattoos—and she’s everything Dr. Lee Hawthorne wants.


Dyed, pierced, and covered in tattoos, Wren Blanchard is the exact opposite of everything Dr. Lee Hawthorne thought he wanted.

His residency is almost finished. With the perfect job, the beautiful house, and the polished girlfriend, he knows he should be happy, yet he isn’t.

But once Wren lands in his ER with her sharp tongue and artist’s soul, she leaves a mark on him that just won’t fade.

Wren knows the good doctor is way out of her league. To people like him, she’s a circus freak. Besides, she’s not the type to get hung up on guys, especially ones with midnight blue eyes—ones who know all about antiques, crack bad jokes, and love Joss Whedon.

No. She doesn’t need that.

After all, she has friends, a psychotic cat, and a promising career as one of the best tattoo artists in town. And it’s enough.

Really, it is.

Or it would be if Lee weren’t there every time she turned around.

One kiss seals their fate.

Their attraction is undeniable–but Wren’s past is full of ghosts. Is their bond strong enough for a solid future? Or will their new relationship crumble beneath the weight of all she carries?


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She studied him for a moment. “Are you still in your residency?”

The question surprised him. “Yes. Is it that obvious?”

Her startled laughter was the only answer he needed. And Lee wanted to hear it again — even if she laughed at him.

“I mean, I’m licensed. It’s not like I just have my learner’s permit or anything.” It was a bad joke. An awful joke, but it worked because she kept laughing. Her laughter was a mix of high and low notes, like a handbell choir. And like music, he could feel it in his chest.

“That’s not what I meant,” she said, her smile untamed. “You just look really young, and I’ve heard that residents have — like — negative time.”

He gave her a helpless grin. “Negative time. That’s about right. Who told you that?”

Her smile demurred. “One of my clients.”

“One of your clients is a resident?” His curiosity pounced. Did he know someone who was secretly covered in Wren’s work?


She shook her head, but her smile never failed. “I don’t tat and tell. Tattooing is very personal. If someone wants you to see their work, you’ll see it. But I don’t talk about my clients.”

Even though he was the one asking, Lee liked that she wouldn’t answer. “You don’t talk about them at all?”

Wren raised and dropped her right shoulder in a half shrug, but she still smiled at him. “Well, I don’t identify them.” Her voice softened, but Lee thought he heard a touch of pride. “I’ll talk about the artwork, or I’ll retell a funny story someone told me while I worked on them, but I don’t go around talking about who was in my parlor.”

“That’s cool,” he managed, even though it was more than cool. After seeing her artwork on the walls of her apartment, he already respected her as a professional, but she clearly had integrity on top of talent. He wanted to know more, but more than anything, Lee wanted her to keep talking. “What kind of tats did you do today?”

Her smile grew, and again her cheeks colored. He found his eye drawn to the translucent skin below her cheekbones. Wren’s fair complexion was an alluring contrast to her black and blue hair, but when she blushed, Lee found it impossible to look away.

“Well, let’s see…” Her green eyes swiveled to the ceiling as she recounted. “I did a fleur-de-lis for this girl who turned eighteen today. I inked a Captain America shield on this guy’s bicep—”

Lee laughed, not so much about the tattoo choice, but at the look of amusement in her eyes.

“Yeah, he was definitely an Avengers fan… Um…” She paused to tally on her fingers. “…I touched up a Celtic knot for a lady, and I worked on a larger piece for one of my regulars.”

“What was it?” Lee asked, intrigued with the way her face softened when she thought about her work.

“Oh, it’s a dragon. Pretty big.” Wren drew a serpentine shape across her chest. “A piece like that needs to be worked on in stages, so we did some of the shading today.”

He had more questions. He could have stood there listening to her all night, but the rational part of his brain told him to give it a rest. They were in the middle of the grocery store. If he wanted to talk to her more, he should ask her out for coffee.

But you can’t ask her out. You’re seeing someone.

“You’re really talented. I’m sure you stay pretty busy. You seem…” He couldn’t find the words for what he wanted to say. He wanted to tell her that she seemed like the kind of person he could talk to — listen to — for hours. And that he would’ve liked the chance. That she was special, and he knew it. “…you seem perfect — I mean… you are unique.”

He didn’t question why she stared at him with unblinking eyes. What the hell had he just said? She was perfect? Who talked like that?

But in the seconds after he’d blurted out the words, he watched her eyes light with a smile — a surprised and genuine smile, and he realized he didn’t regret the words at all.

“Um… thank you?” What had been pink on her cheeks was now scarlet, and Lee thought he might have turned a little pink, too.

“I should let you get back to your shopping,” he said, clearing his throat. He didn’t want to walk away. Maybe if he just stood there, she’d leave first, and he’d be able to watch her go.

“Yeah…” She didn’t move.

Neither of them moved.

“…yeah, I should go.”

“It was great running into you,” he said in a rush. “I’m glad you are feeling better.”

“It was nice running into you, too, Dr.—”

“Lee,” he interjected.

She bit her lip and smiled. “Lee,” she said with a nod. “It was so nice, Lee.”

It was selfish. He’d made her say his name and, again, as he knew he would, he felt a stirring — like fingers running down his sternum. He’d never liked the sound of his name so much.

“Wren,” he said with a nod, liking the feel of her name on his tongue even more.

“Goodnight.” She turned and left him.


Okay, so this may be the most unusual playlist ever assembled. This is largely due to the fact that Dr. Lee Hawthorne has both a jukebox and a sense of humor, so why can’t we mix Simon and Garfunkel with a little Pitbull? The Wurlitzer, naturally, only holds 45s, so most of the songs that come up in the novel are much older than Lee and Wren, but I can see Wren punching “Under Pressure” and Lee following with the confidence of Sam and Dave and whimsy of The Police. Lee and Wren both love antiques, after all, so why wouldn’t they share a love of old music? And with as many self-doubts as Wren carries, who else but Hozier would she have on her playlist? The list ends with Diana Krall’s version of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” for obvious reasons. (Make sure you read the Epilogue.)

About The Author

Stephanie Fournet

Stephanie Fournet, author of Fall Semester, Legacy, Butterfly Ginger, and Leave a Mark, lives in Lafayette, Louisiana—not far from the Saint Streets where her novels are set. She shares her home with her husband John and her daughter Hannah, their needy dogs Gladys and Mabel, and an immortal blue finch named Baby Blue. When she isn’t writing romance novels, she is usually helping students get into college or running. She loves hearing from fans, so look for her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and

Facebook | Twitter | Website |Pinterest | Amazon | Goodreads | Instagram


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Jesse’s Girl Book Review


Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally

Publication Date: July 7, 2015

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Source: Library

Synopsis: Everyone at Hundred Oaks High knows that career mentoring day is a joke. So when Maya Henry said she wanted to be a rock star, she never imagined she’d get to shadow *the* Jesse Scott, Nashville’s teen idol.
But spending the day with Jesse is far from a dream come true. He’s as gorgeous as his music, but seeing all that he’s accomplished is just a reminder of everything Maya’s lost: her trust, her boyfriend, their band, and any chance to play the music she craves. Not to mention that Jesse’s pushy and opinionated. He made it on his own, and he thinks Maya’s playing back up to other people’s dreams. Does she have what it takes to follow her heart—and go solo?

Personal Thoughts: I haven’t had a chance to read this book until now and I am so glad that I did. It is such a great story with great characters and real life situations. Maya and Jesse are great characters who you just want to keep watching to see how much more they can develop together. Their banter, jokes and arguments make the book that much sweeter 🙂

Kenneally has done a great job on her latest novel in developing amazing characters. Right from the start I really liked how Maya’s first impression of Jesse was completely the opposite of what he really was. It was interesting to see his perspective of what band life is all about and how people view you differently from what the norm is. It was interesting to see that not everyone loves the fame and can handle it the same and sometimes you have to make difficult decisions to keep moving forward in life.

I cannot wait to read the next book by Kenneally. Let’s keep them coming!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

The One Cover Reveal

The One CR Banner

Title: The One

Author: Kristin Vayden

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

Releasing: May 10

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00050]

Cover Design by Jena Brignola


When your best friend is also your boss, ‘great ideas’ aren’t always optional.

After all, when you run the largest fashion, gossip and trend blog in the country, you got to take risks to

keep it edgy.

Believe me. This is edgy.

The idea? For one week, date every male fantasy.

The list?

The Jock

The Rock star

The Billionaire

The Stepbrother

See how they are all crossed off except one? That’s because he’s Satan.

And Scottish.

And my best friend’s stepbrother.

And there may or may not have been an incident in Jr. high that he hasn’t forgiven me for…but that’s


Or so I hope, because I’m at his mercy for the next week…



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“I hate that you were right.” But I took another bite, loving how my stomach was growing fuller and

fuller by the minute. I hated being hungry.

“Think of it as simply expanding your education.” He gestured broadly with his arm.

“Or I can just give credit to William,” I said after I swallowed.

“That too. But I’ll still take credit.”

“You would.”

We finished our haggis, and Kirby stood and collected the plates. “I’ll wash, you dry.”

“If I must.” I sighed.

“It’s the least you can do after I buy yer supper.”

“So you’re saying that if I pay you, I won’t have to do dishes?” I badgered, following him back into the


“I’m saying if you are a brat then I’ll leave you to do the dishes alone.”

“Threats. Empty threats,” I teased.

Kirby turned on the water, and grabbed the hand sprayer, cleaning off the last of the haggis.

“You do know that while there was no sheep’s bladder in the haggis, there was liver, kidney, and heart.

Right?” he asked calmly, handing me the clean dish.

“Say what?” I asked, pausing mid wipe with the towel.

“All William said was that there was no bladder. And truthfully, it’s quite easy to omit the bladder, since

the bladder is what you cook it in —  rather that’s the traditional way to cook it.” He handed

me other dish.

“I ate liver and heart… and what else?”


“Oh.” I wiped again.

“Ach, Merry. Where’s your sense of adventure?” A stray spray of water smacked me on the cheek.

“Kirby…” I warned, glaring.

“Honest, that was not intentional.” He held up both hands, one with the sprayer. “But this is.” He

squeezed the handle and I ducked, but not soon enough. Warm water saturated my head and started

dripping down my shirt.

“Kirby!” I shouted, then reached for the water handle to turn it off, but he blocked my attempt, spraying

me directly down the back.

“That’s it,” I shouted and lunged for him, not caring the sprayer was aimed at my face.

“Shit.” Kirby squeezed the handle again but it was too late. My palm covered the nozzle, and the water

flowed around my hand and trailed water down his shirt, and pants even as I wrestled him for control.

Water sprayed in all directions from my hand blocking it. As Kirby tried to get away, I jumped, wrapping

my legs around him, holding on to his neck with one arm while the other hand held the sprayer.

“Merry!” he shouted as the water continued to flow, soaking him through, and me in the process.

“Fine!” Kirby yelled and reached out, turning the water on full cold, and squeezing the spray handle as it

continued to soak us both.

“That’s freezing!” I gasped, letting go of my viselike grip on the nozzle and darting to the sink. My cold

and wet hands slipped so I wasn’t able to turn the knob, but before it was completely shut off, Kirby’s

arm snaked about my waist and hauled me back.

“Like hell you will!” I kicked my legs, fuming as his laughter echoed in the sterile kitchen. Then, he wasn’t

laughing, rather he was swearing like a sailor as his feet started to slip on the wet tile.

“Don’t you take me with—” We crumpled into a heap just in front of the sink.

“I ken ye broke my legs, lass,” Kirby groaned.

“You’re fine. My ass is going to be black and blue tomorrow from landing on your knees. Seriously?” I

moaned as I slightly adjusted my position.

“At least you had something to break yer fall,” Kirby groaned.

I glared. “Yeah, and your knees are so much softer than the hard ground…”

“You have more padding.” He arched a brow, challenging me.

“You did not just—”

“I did.”

I stared him down.

“Are you going to try and kill me with that glare or do you have something to say?” He leaned forward,

taunting me.

I couldn’t back down… it would mean he won.

And he could never win.


But I couldn’t think of any sort of comeback that wasn’t completely lame.


“It’s okay, Merry. I didn’t actually expect an intelligent response.” He shrugged.

That. Was. It.

I stood, found my footing, and grabbed the discarded nozzle. Kirby was slow getting up and even as he

shouted a warning, I turned the water on cold and sprayed him once more. “I’m more of a actions speak

louder than words girl.”

“And here I thought you were all talk, no balls.”

“That’s you.” I shrugged and turned off the water. “And I think that about sums it up.

Kirby wiped his hand down his face, shaking off the excess water, then slicked back his dark hair away

from his eyes. There was no way I could ignore the way his blue eyes sparkled, or the way his long-

sleeved Henley clung to his torso, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Damn, he looked good wet.

Down girl.

I took a deep breath, pried my gaze away, then tried to give an easy shrug as I set the nozzle back in the


When really, all I could do was think about how the water had somehow magnified his cologne.


How? I hated that nickname, yet when he said it… somehow I didn’t hate it as much.

He made me like it… want it.

Want to hear him say it.

Over and over and over again.

I didn’t turn around. I didn’t trust myself to.

“Merry,” his voice was closer.

My body was finally registering the cold, and when mixed with the charged atmosphere of the kitchen,

had me starting to shiver. A warm hand reached around my waist, pulled me back gently. For a moment

Kirby’s soaked shirt felt freezing against mine, then the cold evaporated into an inviting heat. His other

arm reached around my waist as well, holding me tightly as he rested his chin on my shoulder. If I closed

my eyes, I could feel each breath he took, every shift of his body.

And even though ten seconds ago I was freezing… I was now on fire.


About the Author


Kristin’s inspiration for the romance she writes comes from her tall, dark and handsome husband with

killer blue eyes. With five children to chase, she is never at a loss for someone to kiss, something to cook

or some mess to clean but she loves every moment of it!


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